Robin James astride his victorious 610cc modified BSA Gold Star. Copyright to article - reproduced by permission of The Hereford Times

Robin served an apprenticeship with Rotol Airscrews and went on to sell automotive parts with Lucas Electrical. His enduring interest in motorcycles (including in competitive riding), combined with his engineering know-how, led to people asking him to repair their machines. At Robin James Engineering Services, he has lead responsibility for liaison with enquirers and customers on technical questions, and for the firm's adherence to its rigorous quality standards.

Yve found a second career with our firm: she monitors the progress of all the restoration projects, helps with work planning and control, customer liaison and general administration. A vital member of the team, she makes sure that paperwork is up-to-date, the office well-run and things happen on time.

Every member of our engineering team has undergone a rigorous recruitment and personal development process, to ensure their suitability for the meticulous, varied and patient work required of them.

There are marketing, Internet and export development specialists behind the scenes.

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