A rare 1920 NUT 500cc V-twin, restored by Robin James
Are you the owner of a classic motorcycle which has seen better days, or do you know someone who is? Is it more than just a machine to you - an object of power and (neglected) beauty, say a piece of our heritage a capsule of happy memories?

If so, it deserves restoration by veteran enthusiast Robin James.

A more beautiful motorcycle I have never seen. Simply put, she was perfect. Every nut, bolt and washer was just the way she left Plumstead in 1965
the owner of a Matchless G80, returned after restoration by Robin James

A 1939 BSA M24 Gold Star, restored by Robin James
We invite you to take a virtual tour of our workshop in Herefordshire, England. Meet us, and see how we maintain our position as a world-class restorer of classic motorcycles remaining, after a quarter-century in the trade, a firm favourite amongst owners!

Every time I look at my 1919 Royal Enfield 970cc V-twin, and see the admiration in the eyes of others, I say to myself the restoration was worth every penny
the owner of another machine restored by Robin James